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Yerevan, 22.January,

K-1 Armenia is leading martial art in Armenia

Few days ago, Goqor Chivichyan arrived to Armenia from USA to be present at a regular tournament organized by Armenian Armfighting federation and K-1 Armenia federation.

K-1 Armenia is sport federation that does activity both in Armenia and abroad.

Founded in 09/09/2009.

Deals with sports like karate, kickboxing, kung Fu, kakutogi, kempo.

Armenian K-1 federation

Armenian K-1 federation made a great connection within greatest sportsmen around the world with Armenian roots like Harout Grigoryan, Raz Sargsyan, Marat Grigoryan, Sahak Parparyan, Karapet Karapetyan and many more.  These sportsmen participate only in world-famous rings and keep high honor of Armenian K-1 Federation.

Armenian K-1 federation numerous times have broadcasted by ATV’s Dynamite program the tournaments of famous sportsmen with Armenian nationality.

Starting 09/09/2009 till now as a result of cooperation with ATV Television Company, 3 times in a week Dynamite program shows tournaments of Armenian sportsmen from Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Japan.  These sportsmen in different countries participate in K-1 tournaments under Armenian flag.  Armenian K-1 federation cooperates with 84 sport organizations in Armenia and its main activity is the organization of rating tournaments.

The president of Armenian K-1 federation Hovhannes Ghukasyan have organized lots of professional tournaments where leading sportsmen of different martial arts were participating and all this tournaments are broadcasted by ATV Television Company’s Dynamite TV program.   


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