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Yerevan, 22.January,

Classical and mixed style fightings has great role in Armenia

Professional fightings in Republic of Armenia has high degree of development. Often in Armenia, classical and mixed style fightings are taking place. Sportsmen from Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Russia, US and many European countries are participating in these tournaments. These professional fightings called ArmFc and K-1 Armenia, usually gather together several thousand people and millions of Television audience.

K-1 Armenia and ArmFighting federations

Often many known sportsmen with Armenian nationality arrive Armenia to participate in tournaments organized by K-1 Armenia և ArmFighting federations. These Armenian sportsmen consider their honor to have fighting in their country after getting huge experience and high ratings in most important tournaments all over the world and that is why in Republic of Armenia many citizens, getting excited of great results of their beloved Armenian sportsmen start to train day and night, wishing once to repeat the success of becoming kings of professional rings. The great success of Armenian sportsmen in most important tournaments all over the world (Russian Federation, Republic of Georgia, Iran Islamic Republic, People’s Republic of China, EU and even US) almost every month give us reason to feel happiness of new victories. These great sportsmen are the best evaluation of what ArmFighting federation and K-1 Armenia federation does for development of sport in Armenia and the region.

Only above mentioned two federations have their own Television programs and have possibility to broadcast by most innovative and famous TV channels like ATV and Kentron TV. Dinamit (ATV) and Fighting club (Kentron TV) within the framework of these programs one can enjoy the best tournaments of Kickboxing and MMA also with Armenian participants.  


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